What Is Eligible New Zealand Citizen In Australia

Background information

New Zealand citizens are eligible to work and reside in Australia indefinitely. People from both countries enjoy the travel and work between them. Some people may find living in Australia more convenient because of its proximity to New Zealand, while others may find the lifestyle easier or more appealing.
In 2001, an agreement between Australia and New Zealand was formed, allowing New Zealand citizens to obtain a “special category visa” (SCV) and access its benefits. This visa allows people from New Zealand to live and work in Australia on a permanent basis. Depending on other factors, there may be special circumstances in which a different visa would be more suitable.

Benefits of an SCV

An SCV from Australia for New Zealand citizens offers a number of different benefits. These include eligibility for working and residing in Australia, the ability to work in any occupation and to receive the same entitlements as an Australian citizen. An SCV holder is also allowed to study at the subsidised rate which is available to Australian citizens.
Furthermore, an SCV holder is entitled to social security payments such as the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension and Carers Payment. They are also eligible to receive Medicare coverage as well as other benefits and services provided by the Australian government.

Applying for a SCV

In order to be eligible, individuals must be a citizen of New Zealand and must be travelling from there. People can apply for an SCV online or at an Australian embassy or consulate. In order to apply, a valid passport is required. The applicants must also provide evidence of their New Zealand citizenship. If the application for an SCV is successful, the person will be issued with a temporary SCV. This is valid for five years and must be renewed every five years.

Working and Incentives in Australia

Under the terms of an SCV, New Zealand citizens are able to accept any type of job or work that they choose in Australia. They also have access to the same incentives and benefits as Australian citizens. For example, an SCV holder is eligible for the same tax benefits as an Australian citizen. This includes deductions for pension contributions and deductions for health insurance and other medical benefits.
An SCV holder is also eligible for access to public services such as education and healthcare. In addition, they can apply for a student loan and are eligible for university scholarships. Finally, an SCV holder is able to open a bank account in Australia and can even receive superannuation benefits.

Family Visas

If an individual holds a special category visa and wishes to be joined by their family members in Australia, family visas are also available. The family visas allow family members to either live or visit in Australia for up to 12 months. For family members to live in Australia for a longer period of time, they must have their own individual visa.

Visa Violations and Overstaying

The Australian Government takes visa violations and overstaying very seriously. If an individual is found to be in breach of their visa conditions, their eligibility for a visa can be revoked. Penalties for visa violations and overstaying can include fines, imprisonment and deportation. Therefore, it is important to ensure that all visa conditions are being followed.

Travel to New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are neighbors and therefore it can be easy to travel between the two countries. New Zealand citizens who hold an SCV are eligible to travel to New Zealand at any time for any length of stay. The visa holder must however ensure that they meet the requirements for re-entering Australia.


New Zealand citizens are eligible to hold an SCV and the benefits this brings. They are able to work and live in Australia indefinitely and receive the same benefits and entitlements as an Australian citizen. Any family members who would like to join them must have their own individual visa and there are also restrictions for travelling to New Zealand. Violating visa conditions or overstaying can lead to fines, imprisonment and deportation.

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