How Many Countries Can You Visit With New Zealand Passport

General Information

Holding a New Zealand passport offers a great privilege: being able to travel to a generous number of countries, without requiring a visa in advance. As of 2021, there are up to 97 countries that a New Zealand citizen can visit without any prior paperwork, for a period of up to three months. In addition, travelers can also obtain the necessary visa for visa-required countries, usually within two weeks.

New Zealand is an influential member of the world community, with strong ties to major countries and international organizations. This is reflected in the passport ranks, placing it firmly in the top 5 ‘strongest passports in the world’ in 2021. As a result, the majority of countries worldwide are not too strict when it comes to welcoming travelers with a New Zealand passport to their shores.

Subsequently, Top Visiting Countries

Here are the top 10 countries with the most open policies towards those with a New Zealand passport. In order of their ranking, they are: United Arab Emirates, Canada, United Kingdom, USA, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and South Korea.

Although these are the top 10, the entire list of countries exceeds 97. It included countries from all five continents, all of them open to travelers with this type of visa. From the Caribbean, to Central America and Europe, to South America, to Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, the number of options is virtually unlimited.

From a traveler’s perspective, the range of opportunities open to New Zealand passport holders is quite amazing. Depending on one’s own preferences, there is a wide selection of cultures, climates, and landscapes to explore. Whether it’s a winter wonderland, a beach vacation, a city getaway, or a specifically remote destination, chances are, there’s a visa-free (or visa-on-arrival) country that meets the criteria.

Advantages of Visiting Those Countries

Aside from the convenience of not having to obtain an advance visa, New Zealand passport holders benefit from a few other advantages when traveling to countries that don’t require a prior visa. For instance, most countries allow them to both work and study in their territories for up to six months (in some cases even longer), making it a great option for those who want to explore career options in foreign countries.

Moreover, since travelers with a New Zealand passport are not subject to the same strict visa processes that other citizens face, getting to their destination is a lot easier. Queues are usually shorter and the paperwork is also a lot less compared to most other travelers.

Obtaining a Visa

Although over 90 countries welcome travelers with a New Zealand passport without requiring any visa, there always be cases where a prior visa is necessary. This can usually be obtained online from the appropriate government department in the destination country.

It’s worth noting that the visa process for a New Zealand passport holder is almost never as strict as for other foreign citizens. There are usually less steps to complete, and minimal background checks. This means that travelers with this type of passport can obtain visas in a fraction of the time than most.

Border Checks

Each country follows its own specific border control procedures, but those with a New Zealand passport can generally expect less scrutiny than the average visitor. This is due to the fact that New Zealand embassies around the world are very well respected, and the nation holds a strong reputation for both its citizens and its visitors.

The level of scrutiny when crossing a border with a New Zealand passport may vary from country to country, but generally the hassle is minimal compared to other foreign citizens. This is particularly helpful for travelers who want to visit a foreign country with minimum hassle.

Additional Requirements

It’s important to note that all countries have their own specific rules and requirements when it comes to travelers with a New Zealand passport. Some require a minimum amount of money to be deposited in a financial institution in the country of destination, while other require a minimum amount of medical insurance coverage.

Although the requirements are not always as strict as for other citizens, it’s always important to research in advance and confirm any additional requirements for any specific trip. This way, visitors with a New Zealand passport can make sure they comply with all the requirements, and make the most out of their trip.

Health & Safety Guidelines

When travelling with a New Zealand passport, visitors should always keep a few important health and safety guidelines in mind. International travel carries certain risks – not only criminal or political, but also containment of contagious diseases. Therefore, it’s important to be well-informed about the current situation of your destination, the recommended medical precautions, and the safety guidelines of the local authorities.

In addition, since certain countries require a minimum level of health insurance for those traveling with a New Zealand passport, it’s also important to make sure you have purchased a suitable policy before your departure. By doing these two steps, visitors can make sure that they are well-protected when travelling abroad.

Finances & Budgeting

Traveling with a New Zealand passport also requires budgeting and spending control. Since the number of financially budget-friendly countries on the visa-free list offer a variety of options, travelers need to be mindful of how far their currency will take them. From flights to hotels, meals, and transportation, all of these have to be taken into account when travelling.

Furthermore, certain credit cards and banking options may have more favorable terms for holders of a New Zealand passport. These cards usually offer no-fee currency conversion and discounts on purchase in certain countries, which can be really beneficial for travelers.

By combining budgeting techniques with a ‘lighter’ currency, travelers with a New Zealand passport can greatly benefit by making the most of their trip, while minimizing expenses.

Traveling with Children

Finally, it’s important to note that particular visa requirements may apply not only to adults, but also to children traveling with a New Zealand passport. In general, most countries require separate travel authorization to be obtained for each minor, prior to departure.

When travelling with a minor, it’s also important to take into account additional travel documents such as birth certificates and parental/guardian consent forms. It’s best to obtain these in advance, and keep a few copies of each document with the traveler, on the plane and in their destination country, in case of any unexpected issues.

Customs & Quarantine

When crossing a border with a New Zealand passport, travelers need to bear in mind that certain countries have strict quarantine regulations concerning the import of food and other products. This means that travelers need to declare any food or plant materials when entering the country, and many countries will place restrictions on the items they can bring in.

Moreover, certain countries also require different customs documentation in order to enter and exit. These documents usually include customs declarations, receipts, and any other documentation required by the destination country.

Although the documents may vary from country to country, the requirements are usually pretty straightforward for travelers with a New Zealand passport. By following the regulations and advising of each country’s customs regulations, travelers can save themselves the hassle of getting fined or facing other serious repercussions.

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