How Long Does Post Take From New Zealand To Uk

How Long Does Post Take from New Zealand to UK?

Sending mail from New Zealand to the United Kingdom can be a challenge for many people. This is especially true if the person sending the post wishes to guarantee a specific time frame of delivery. Knowing how long the post will take to reach its destination is important so the sender can plan accordingly.

The time it takes for a post to travel from New Zealand to the UK will depend on a few factors, such as the postal provider, the type of mail, the time of year, and the location in the UK or New Zealand.

In general, mail sent from New Zealand to the UK will take on average six to twelve business days to arrive at its destination. However, there are a few postal providers that could deliver post between New Zealand and the UK in as little as five days. It is highly recommended to use well-known and reliable postal providers to ensure that your post will arrive safely and on time.

The time of year can also affect the amount of time it will take for post to travel from New Zealand to the UK. This is because the postal provider may experience delays due to the volume of mail they are receiving. During the holidays, it may take a bit longer for the post to travel between the two countries due to the holidays.

The type of mail will also affect how long it will take for the post to reach its destination. Regular mail sent from New Zealand to the UK will take around six to twelve business days. But, if you opt for express mail, you should expect your mail to reach its destination within two to three business days.

Finally, the location in both New Zealand and the UK will affect how long the mail will take to travel. For instance, express mail sent from Auckland to London may take three days, while express mail sent from Queenstown to London may take four days.

Cost of Mail from New Zealand to UK

Apart from the time it takes to send mail from New Zealand to the UK, people should also consider the cost of sending post. Generally, the cost of the post decreases as the weight of the mail increases. Additionally, some postal providers also offer discounts for shipping bulk mail.

For express mail, the cost of posting packages or mail from New Zealand to the UK starts from around NZ $50 for a single piece of A4 size paper. However, for large items weighing more than 1 kg, the cost increases significantly. It is important to note that most postal providers apply GST to all posted items.

For regular mail, some providers offer discounts for sending bulk mail. There is generally no time limit for regular mail, so most postal providers offer delivery times that vary according to the size of the mail.

Overall, it is important to consider the cost and time it will take for post to travel from New Zealand to the UK before sending any packages. The key is to select reliable postal providers and to check the postal policies carefully.

Checking for Postal Delivery Status

Most international postal providers offer tracking services, so senders can track the status of their mail. This is especially useful for those who are sending important documents. With tracking services, senders can follow the progress of the mail and know when it will reach its destination. The tracking information will also include details such as the mail’s current location and estimated delivery times.

However, keep in mind that the availability of tracking services may vary between different postal providers. In addition, tracking services may not be available for all types of post sent from New Zealand to the UK. It is therefore important to check with your postal provider for the availability of such services.

International Postal Services for New Zealand and the UK

When sending mail from New Zealand to the UK, it is important to select a reliable and reputable postal provider. For instance, New Zealand Post and Royal Mail are two of the most popular international postal services for these two countries. Both of them offer reliable and fast postal services with the option of tracking the mail with numeric or barcode tracking.

For those wanting to send regular post from New Zealand to the UK, both providers offer good deals for bulk mail. New Zealand Post, for instance, offers flat rate postage services with discounts for sending bulk mail between the two countries. On the other hand, Royal Mail also offers discounted rates for large parcels and economy mail.

Both Royal Mail and New Zealand Post also offer express delivery services for those who wish to send post in a shorter time frame. This is especially helpful for those sending important documents, though this service may be more expensive compared to regular mail.


In conclusion, it is important to consider the time it takes for post to arrive at its destination from New Zealand to the UK. Generally, the post may arrive within six to twelve business days. However, there are postal providers that can deliver express mail in as little as two to three business days. The cost of sending mail also plays a big part, so it is also important to consider the cost when sending post from New Zealand to the UK.

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